Solutions Aligned to Your Business Requirements

Discover platforms that provide you with specifically designed solutions, personalized to your internal applications and operations without having to replace your existing systems. By streamlining manual tasks into automated processes, Fisher Technology’s solutions help you get the most from your data. Learn how industry specific business solutions and mobile-ready applications drive company performance and help you to stay one-step ahead of the competition.

ERP / Financial

Learn how your Accounting and Financial software can benefit from automating time-consuming credit control procedures, financial reporting and everyday data entry tasks.



Learn how automating daily administration tasks such as unsubscribes, manual data entry and entering leads from campaigns into your CRM system helps the marketing department to spend more time on improving performance.



Discover drag and drop platforms that transform productivity by removing the need to manually create and distribute reports, credit control statements and much more.

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Logistics / Fulfillment

Discover how to remove the costly pains of manually extracting data from eCommerce, CRM or ERP systems and placing consignments with your preferred logistics and supply chain fulfillment services.

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Start planning your Digital Transformation today. Our team of specialists work with you to understand your pain points and review solutions tailored to maximizing your existing system potential.

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Discover how you can streamline your order management processes by synchronizing customer data between systems and automating the placement of orders with preferred couriers.

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Learn how you can spend less time transferring data, managing and assigning sales leads and ensuring all your marketing tools are synchronized with your CRM system.

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Payment Gateways

Discover the commercial advantages of automating the daily routine and reduce the administrative costs associated with bank reconciliation.

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Discover prebuilt, but highly customization web portals that easily integrate with your other business systems as well as replicate the look and feel of your business.



All successful implementations start with a solid training plan. Customize your plan today.

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Codeless Platforms
Shopify Plus
SAP Certified Business One Integrator