What’s Next: The #FisherDifference - Why Partner with Us!


In this blog, from our continuing ‘What’s next’ series, we will share how over the last 6 months our internal focus has been around the #FisherDifference. What it is, what it means to partner with us and why we believe our difference are reasons why you should join our Reseller Partner Network.

The Personal Touch   

A key part of any interaction with Fisher Technology is our personal touch. We are a family business and we are a small team. This means that at times we all wear many hats, and when needed we jump in and help each other out. For our Partners and Customers, the result is that they know who they need to contact for sales, project management, accounting or support. Being a small team keeps us agile and we make sure we are responsive!    


Another key element of our #FisherDifference is the wealth of experience and market knowledge we have at our fingertips to share with our Partners. Fisher Technology is the sole distributor for BPA Platform (formerly TaskCentre) for North America since 2006. As the software and technology has evolved over the last 14 years, the team has acquired a depth of knowledge that goes beyond the toolset. This knowledge enables us to advise our Partners on the benefits of automation and guide them in the discovery and planning stages of integration and workflow process projects.


As part of our introspection about the #FisherDifference, we honestly assessed the competitive landscape for process automation and integration software, and we acknowledged that it is not unique! There are few products that are!

BUT: BPA Platform is a robust toolset that has a proven track record. BPA Platform has a 20+ year history! In addition, there are many products that offer some of the functionality of BPA, but none offer all the tools and flexibility. BPA Platform has the functionality that you would find at an enterprise level but is utilized and priced to work with the SMB market.

BPA Platform can be used for simple notifications, automated reporting, or complex integration with workflow process. Our web service tool works with Rest and Soap API’s, and we also have numerous specialist connector tools to make it easier to work with disparate solutions. Plus, our technical team have extensive knowledge working with GraphQL, (many software companies are adopting GraphQL rather than using Rest); now that’s versatility!

Furthermore, new versions of the software and updates are available at least once a year (sign up here for notification of BPA 2020 due imminently!)

Relationships with Vendors

Over time, we have built Partnerships with many vendors. By Partnering with vendors, we can ensure that we are aware of updates to those core applications, and, if needed we can update our software. This ensures our customers can feel confident when they are upgrading their core applications that they will continue to be able to derive the benefits of BPA Platform. By having close relationships with many vendors, we can advise our customers on functionality and best practice, and if we don’t have the answer, we have the contacts that do!

We also have strategic relationships. We are integration Partners with Shopify Plus and HubSpot as well as several referral partnerships with various other vendors.  Added to that, we also Partner with web design agencies around North America, so if a customer needs an introduction, we can assist.

In summary, what does the #FisherDifference mean? it is our personal touch, our experience, our product and our partner relationships. Do you want to be part of the #FisherDifference?

If you want to join our Reseller Partner Network or become a Strategic Partner, click here to learn more!

Look out for our next blog on ‘Middleware and Connectors'!