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Over the past few weeks we have written a series of blog’s (view them here!) about Magento 1 that is sun-setting in June 2020. This next blog in the series follows on our last post reviewing the benefits of a centralized Product Inventory Management (PIM). Up next, we'll review why many businesses are adding Customer Portals to their technology stack.

What is a Customer Portal? With the rise of eCommerce and the millennial generation entering into the workforce, businesses realize that customers want to be able to have access in their working lives to information in the same way that they do in their personal lives. There are very few people who don’t shop online. Countless articles are published on the demise of shopping malls because of eCommerce. So, why wouldn’t a business enable their customers to purchase in the same way when they are at work?

This is where a customer portal is needed. Customer portal’s allow customers to view invoices, orders, deliveries and pricing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Portals can also be used to place orders and pay invoices.

The benefits of portals are huge! As well as being able to handle any volume of users, portals are mobile ready and device agnostic. When customers enter their own orders, this eliminates costly duplicate data entry, and in addition, having a portal build’s greater customer satisfaction, in turn, leading to stronger relationships.

Customer Portals can be extended to include customer service requests and have complex pricing and quoting functionality. Additionally, customer portals that are SaaS (software as a service) can be integrated with your ERP.

Does this sound like it should be added to your What’s next list?

The good news is we can help! Fisher Technology offers an out of the box, fully hosted, Customer Portal solution.


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