What are the benefits of buying a templated solution

Is it easy to integrate your ERP with an ECommerce Store? Maybe you have been told that you can use a connector to synchronize your data. Or perhaps you can use a bridge between the two systems. Neither of those options answer the question of whether it is easy to do or if you go down that path that you end up with an integration that works for your business. 

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Here's another option to consider: a templated solution. A templated solution offers pre-configured functionality that forms the basis of what is typically required as part of an integration between Ecommerce and ERP. BPA Platform's proven templated solution will address, at a minimum, 80% (often 100%) of your integration requirements.

So what are the benefits of leveraging a templated solution? Let's review the 4 main benefits that a templated solution offers.


Fixed Scope:

A templated solution will have a fixed scope providing core functionality that is needed for an  ecommerce integration.  For example, passing customer information from the store to the ERP, including details of the product sold, managing inventory & pricing in the ERP and synchronizing with the store, and of course tracking shipping details between the two systems. 

Lower Cost:

If you implement a templated solution, you do not have to start from scratch and develop a custom integration, saving a huge amount of money on the implementation. Consulting time for a non-templated solution is anything between 40 - 60 hours (depending on complexity), whereas a templated solution can be up and running in about half the time.

Faster Implementation:

It goes without saying that implementing a pre-built solution will take a lot less time than developing  from the ground up. A B2C integration can be installed, configured and go live (without any customizations) in as little as 2 weeks. 

Extensible and enhanced: 

A key differentiator when using a BPA Platform templated solution is that the toolset the solution is developed upon, can easily be extended and enhanced. Utilizing the 'low code' drag and drop functionality that BPA Platform offers, enables customers to have the flexibility of turning their template into the solution they need without compromising the core functionality or the benefits of buying a template.  

Does a templated solution sound like a good idea for your integration needs. 

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