4 Benefits of Using Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing is not an obsolete tactic that businesses use to pester consumers. In fact, it is an important component that enables companies to be highly personable and have ...
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How to Explain Automating Business Process

It is always challenging to find a good elevator pitch to describe the benefits of automating business process. Eyes glaze over unless you find the key trigger that is a pain ...
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3 Ways to Identify and Fix a Failing Business Process

Even if we don’t consciously realize it, most of us are process orientated. From personal experience, I mentally run through the steps required to complete a task or process ...
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eCommerce Integration: Why It’s More Than Synchronizing Sales Orders

It’s the time of year when you’re likely spending time analyzing how your business coped with the holiday season, identifying sales trends, inventory levels, order to ...
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Why You Can't Automate EVERYTHING

What’s the best part about living in the modern age?  For us, the answer is technology and automation.
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