The New Normal: Ways to Use BPA Platform

With April's launch of BPA 2020 comes a fresh lease on integration and digital transformation. The new and improved interface grants you simplistic, straightforward ...
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The New Normal: Cooking is a Business Process Too!

In spending the last few months working from home and adjusting to the new normal, this newfound time has granted us the ability to pick up on projects and fine-tune skills ...
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BPA Platform 2020 is here!

BPA Platform 2020 is live with a beautiful new interface, powerful toolset and enhanced functionality adding to our popular integration and business automation platform.
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Why you should use a Shopify and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Integration Expert

In April 2017, when we originally published this blog, there were over 377,500 small and large businesses that had sold over $29 billion on Shopify. Three years later, those ...
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Magento 1 End of Life: What's Next - Customer Portals

Over the past few weeks we have written a series of blog’s (view them here!) about Magento 1 that is sun-setting in June 2020. This next blog in the series follows on our last ...
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Magento 1 End of Life: What's Next - Product Inventory Management

  Over the past few weeks, Fisher Technology has written a series of blogs related to Magento 1 that is due to sunset in June 2020. We have covered improving business process ...
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