The Power of Consulting through Digital Transformation

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Opening a dialogue to address critical business process challenges can be tough. Moreover, finding the right person to talk to, to address critical flaws can be equally difficult. As our senior consultant Rick Moore points out, "We never learn anything from hearing ourselves talk" and getting to the root cause of a problem may benefit from external help. A good consultant can be a lifesaver, opening up opportunities that address business challenges with a problem/solution outlook that can shape a positive change to Digital Transformation and the related business process.

What is Digital Transformation?

First thing to note is that digital transformation aren't one size fits all. They're the standard for integrating digital technology into all facets of your business and grant you the opportunity to transform how you operate and efficiently service your customers. There is a secret sauce to successful digital transformation and that is not just figuring out what the process is, but also ensuring that the transformation adds value to the business and to the departments affected by this change.

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses regardless of size and market. The main point is to take advantage of being able to leverage software to evolve and enhance the way that all software applications are being used. In addition, ensuring that departments are not working in silos and promoting interdepartmental synergy.

Consulting in a Digital Transformation

So where does consulting come in? The pace of digital transformation in this country is happening faster than almost anyone can absorb. This drives business processes to change, in many cases faster than systems can be implemented to support them. One of the best things about consulting is being exposed to many different business challenges and the pitfalls that can impact them. Aggregating that knowledge enables one to add value in many different situations.

Key Consultant Characteristics

1. Great consultants are flexible
Great consultants adapt to new environments and project groups easily. Their soft skills and technical expertise allow them to take on their roles quickly and easily to get the job done.

2. Great consultants have great discipline
Great consultants work smart and hard. They know what needs to be done to accomplish the best results in the shortest possible time. Great consultants are problem solvers, tackling any challenge you put in front of them.

3. Great consultants are confident
Great consultants are confident about their skills and expertise. They have a knack for leadership and collaborate well with others, keeping their egos in check. Great consultants will always prioritize company goals and team initiatives.

4. Great consultants are persistent
They don't give up easily. Instead they accept challenges and welcome constructive feedback as a means of learning from mistakes and moving on from them. Consultants are analytical and can turn any negative experience into a positive lesson.

Return on Investments

Most importantly, great consultants want to assure that clients are seeing a return on their investment (ROI). Grounding proposals with measurable outcomes ensures clients feel confident they will see ROI, thus increasing growth and retention. It's crucial to have a team comprised of consultants who can bring a higher level of specialized technical expertise to businesses, and assist with specific challenges.


Fisher Technology works closely with our customers to provide software, and prebuilt solutions, as well as consultation services. Business needs are ever changing and as our partners develop on the technical side, we encourage that they learn from our consulting team, building experience to not only work with the product, but share the wealth of our knowledge with others. Our team will ensure that you have all the building blocks necessary to help your organization improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and facilitate growth.


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