The New Normal: How We've Adapted


As we hit the half way point of the year, it’s more than safe to say that 2020 is truly one for the books. When you take a look back at all that’s transpired since March till now, we couldn’t have imagined that this year would’ve turned out this way. In the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve become accustomed to the “new normal” of social distancing and conducting business remotely. More importantly, we’ve learned the importance of maintaining relationships and effective communication during these trying times. 

As a family business, Fisher Technology has always prided ourselves on upholding the Fisher Difference. Even when transitioning to work from home, our team quickly adapted to the new realities of this pandemic to ensure that our customers and Partners receive the care and personal touch they expect and deserve.


Small Business Communication

It’s crucial to be proactive with your team to collaborate on projects and meet deadlines, especially with the implementation of work from home policies. Without question, safety is a top concern to many organizations, including our own. At Fisher, we’ve learned how to set daily agendas, maintain weekly strategy meetings, ask for guidance, and overall keep communication constant and flowing. Doing so limits errors that may arise from not being in-person together. Have a burning question or just want to share ideas? It gives you peace of mind to be able to know that you’re not alone while you work because your coworkers are only a Slack message or Zoom call away.



#AloneTogether  is a hashtag that’s become familiar in the last few months and serves as a reminder that even when separated physically, we can still be there for one another in other ways. Even since joining the Fisher Technology team last September, I’ve always felt supported and appreciated. But now, more than ever, and especially throughout this pandemic, I’ve gained a support system that I know I can count on. There’s a certain level of professionalism and personal touch that you just can’t get anywhere else but at Fisher. Our small team allows us to be nimble, detail-oriented, and driven toward positive results.


What's New?

So, what’s the Fisher team been up to during quarantine besides back-to-back Zoom calls and bottomless cups of coffee? In case you’ve missed it, in late April 2020, the latest version of BPA was launched, hosting a variety of new features:

  • New HTML Pro Tool
  • Retrieve text Message Tool
  • 200+ Feature Enhancements
  • New API

Our blog detailing everything new with BPA 2020 can be found here

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