Reflections on our First 15 Years at Fisher Technology

As the 15th Anniversary of our 8 Suitcases and A Dream story approaches, I have been reflecting on the journey that my husband, our children and I embarked upon that cold February morning in 2006.

15 Years-01-01

I cannot believe that 15 years have passed since we boarded that airplane, with our dreams as our constant companion on that long (and very boring) flight. As I look back, I reminisce on all that we have accomplished over the years and all of the opportunities that came our way.

My overwhelming emotion as this Anniversary approaches is one of gratitude.

The blog would go on for pages if I listed all the reasons why I am so grateful here. However, I wanted to share some of my key takeaways of what I am so grateful for, on this milestone Anniversary:

  • The opportunities to make our dreams of living and working in the US a reality.
  • The growth of our Partnership with Codeless Platforms and all their team, who we now consider to be a part of our extended family.
  • Thankful to all our Resellers Partners, who were open to work with us, open doors for us and together bring automation and integration to aid their customers businesses.
  • That we have been able to grow financially every year since we started.
  • And most importantly to all the members of our team, their hard work, their collaborations, and the spirit they bring to work every day. Fisher Technology would not be where we are as a Company today without each of them and they are a big part of our #FisherDiffrence

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring or what direction our lives are going to take. Would I have taken the leap that I did in 2006, knowing then what I know now?


I am looking forward to celebrating with my family and our Fisher family our 15th Anniversary on February 9th. I will look back and remember the time when all we had was 8 Suitcases and a Dream!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us on this wonderful ride. Happy 15th Birthday Fisher Technology!



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