Announcing Fisher Technology's New Look - Press Release 1/8/2021

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA – Fisher Technology, LLC is proud announce the launch of its new corporate brand identity. Over the next few weeks Fisher Technology will roll out a series of branding initiatives and transition toward a more modernized aesthetic. Included in this press release is a copy of the new brand guidelines. If you’re an existing Partner, please refer to that document. A few noticeable changes you’ll begin to see will start with the rebranding of our logo to all facets of the company including the website, support site, and all social media pages as well as new changes to our color scheme.

Color and font guide.

You can also expect to see drastic changes applied to our Partnership Program with an expected pilot launch in February 2021. We’ll be actively engaging with existing and new partners to build strong, supportive foundations.

Fisher Technology will be introducing a direct line to the company’s marketing department: This grants customers and partners the opportunity to easily communicate with marketing team members relating to social media, press releases, blogs, and various other branding efforts.

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About Fisher Technology

Since 2006, Fisher Technology has been the North American distributor of BPA (Business Process Automation) Platform Software, formerly known as Task Centre. We seek opportunities to consult with our customers by overcoming business process woes, consolidating time-consuming manual tasks, and developing digital solution sets that optimize business operations, overall increasing productivity, and revenue. BPA platform supercharges on-premise or cloud applications such as CRM, ERPs and eCommerce Platforms.



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