Meet Fisher Technology's Newest Member!


Fisher Technology is excited to announce the latest member of our team, Rick Moore. Joining the company as a Senior Consultant, Rick carries over 30 years’ worth of experience in software, technology, and automation. Before joining our team, Rick worked client side for several past consulting clients in positions including IT Director, CFO and COO. Prior to that, he worked in both Sales and Consulting with resellers in the Sage and Microsoft Dynamics channels.

Early in his career, Rick focused on Sales and Marketing, working in engineered sales. In that role, he recognized a need and began automating processes, ultimately writing most of the software used in the company.

Two subsequent job changes also led Rick back into automation, ultimately prompting a friend in the software industry to persuade him to work with him selling Great Plains (Now Dynamics).

Over time and as the software market matured, Rick transitioned from focusing on ERP and Accounting to a full-time focus on CRM. Fifteen years later, a few hundred clients and many lasting relationships, a favorite client and CFO offered Rick an opportunity to take on the role of IT Director.

Rick automated and integrated over 200 processes for the company, primarily using BPA Platform (formerly Task Centre), which he had originally sold to them. In his most recent position as COO for another long-term favorite client, he continued relying on BPA Platform to automate processes, provide business driving knowledge, and improve results. His work proved instrumental in helping to position the company for acquisition. Having completed that transaction, Rick is again enjoying work with BPA Platform, looking at innovative ways to bring it to new markets!

Rick’s career has been dedicated to solving business complexities by creating workable, effective solutions for a multitude of ERP and CRM implementations. Collaborating with clients, Rick quickly discovers the need and delivers value to their business through the BPA Platform. This results in providing businesses with the driving tools they need to succeed.

Rick believes his most important professional asset is the ability to adapt his skills to suit the needs of his clients. He has proven his ability to recognize and implement Business Process Automation (BPA) for past clients, demonstrating the versatility and flexibility of the platform for almost any business software. Rick’s experience will be a tremendous benefit to Fisher’s customers and clients. We welcome him to the team and look forward to his contributions.