Magento 1 End of Life: What Business Processes can you improve?

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been writing a series of blogs regarding Magento 1 End of Life. The first blog went into depth about the impact for a merchant store and the second blog looked at the impact for merchants whose stores are integrated.

The third blog of the series is going to cover how to leverage the opportunity to improve your business process and internal workflows when replatforming. If you are a new merchant this advice applies to you too! 

Where to start when reviewing business process?

The first and most important step in business process transformation is to schedule a meeting with all the stakeholders in the business to review your current processes. Depending on the structure of the business it could be just the CEO and ECommerce Director, or a larger business might bring in IT, CFO, Marketing Director, Sales Directors. Now you have everyone in the room where do you start?

The "Blue Sky" Day!

What rules do you currently have in place? Which rules work? Which rules need changing? Having an opportunity to sit down with all the stakeholders and discuss current processes and their wish list for the ideal business process improvements is enlightening! Using a whiteboard or a flip chart is a great first step in your business process mapping exercise.

Fisher Technology is often involved in these early discussions. We do not talk about technology during these meetings!  We focus on your current challenges and the "Blue Sky" wishes to improve business process flow, ensuring the different departments are not working with inefficient manual processes and specifically ensure that there are no silos!

The Danger of Working in Silos!

Many eCommerce merchants start small, but with changing consumer habits, small online stores can rapidly expand. Even an existing business that adds eCommerce into their mix, can find everything has been overtaken by the eCommerce sales, and without having well-defined business processes and automated workflow processes in place to manage this growth these businesses start to feel the pain. A rapidly expanding eCommerce presence is a good challenge to have, however, it becomes a problem when a business is struggling with internal process flow! If team members are manually rekeying data between different systems, this is time consuming and can lead to costly human errors, resulting in lost revenue. What's the solution? By introducing effective process automation and workflow as part of  any replatforming it will eliminate the manual repetitive administrative work, free up time, reduce errors and produce a quick ROI. It's a no-brainer, why wouldn't you explore this for your business when you are replatforming?

A Good Opportunity

To conclude, Magento 1 End of life is a good opportunity for merchants to review their processes and make sure that whatever platform they move to, whether they stay on Magento or move to Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or any other platform, that they have taken the time to review their options for improved workflow and business process.

The transition to a new platform should not be painful and merchants can gain process improvements if you start with a holistic look at your business before deciding on any technology.

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