How to Enhance Your Sage ERP Software with Business Process Automation

In addition to your Sage accounting or ERP system, you may also be running other business software applications that hold a wealth of critical information. Extracting and leveraging the data stored in these various systems is key to the way your organization operates.



As your business grows, the demand placed on employees to obtain data quickly and efficiently from multiple systems is more challenging and time-consuming. Ultimately, this can hold your business back by exposing it to manual errors and financial risk.

In this article, we’ll examine four ways that companies using Sage ERP software can enhance its day-to-day business processes.

Integrate Sage with your other business systems and applications

If you run Sage along with other business systems (for example, an online shopping cart, marketing platform, CRM system, or WMS), the information within these systems is most likely to be disparate from each other.

This means that your employees are faced with time-consuming and error prone bi-directional data entry.

A lack of connectivity between your business systems can cause process bottlenecks and create a competitive disadvantage.

Common Sage integrations include:

  • Sage 100 ERP integration with a CRM application
  • Sage 300 ERP integration with eCommerce and CRM systems
  • Sage X3 integration with CRM, WMS, eCommerce platforms.

Enrich notification capability

Why should your employees waste valuable time monitoring data within Sage and your other business systems when that critical information can find them instead?

Your business applications hold a wealth of information, yet your employees are heavily relied upon to manually monitor and react to data changes. Allowing your employees to take this approach exposes your organization to costly errors.

Providing your staff with dynamic notifications and automatically sending an email to both internal and external recipients when required will enable you to identify potential issues before they become a problem.

Why not add stock level alerts and stock receipt notifications or improve your credit control processes by adding account on hold notifications to account managers?

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Automate your reports and documentation

Generating consistent management reports ensures that compliance procedures are adhered to and empowers decision makers to analyze and monitor company performance. The downside is that report creation and distribution is repetitive, prone to errors and costly. Removing this administration process from an employee’s duties enables them to concentrate on activities that can push the business forward.

Sage Reports, Crystal Reports or MS Reporting Services reports can all be automatically created and distributed via email, FTP, attached to a CRM record or placed on a network location. Common automated reports include:

  • Automated financial reports such as aged debtors or cashflow status
  • Helpdesk reports such as KPI statistics and calls processed
  • Manufacturing reports such as waste percentage per product line

Provide employees with controlled processes

Workflow authorizations for many organizations remains a manual driven process which is slow and makes a business susceptible to errors. On occasion, workflows can require multiple levels of authorization which are unique to business rules and departmental structures.

Providing your employees with controlled processes can revolutionize your business. By establishing automated workflow authorization processes, your staff is dynamically presented with the decision, providing 100% peace of mind.

Popular workflow authorization processes that can be automated include:

  • Purchase Order authorization
  • Marketing budget approval
  • Single/multi-level authorization
  • Account manager change request

Making Business Process Automation Work for You

Obviously you can’t automate everything as some processes still require human interaction. Decisions made in the business environment need to be made by people who ultimately push a business forward.

Business process automation ensures that the labor-intensive activities that can plague an organization are achieved quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

What would you like to automate?

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Written by Simon, Social Media Manager at Orbis Software Ltd, authors of the business process automation platform, TaskCentre.