How to Digitally Transform your business without replatforming your CRM or ERP.

‘Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation and how it will change your business but what does it mean for me and will it mean I need to change the software that I am currently using’  

Image of female touching virtual icon of social networkI am often asked this question and I answer in two parts.

Firstly, I explain from a process automation standpoint that digital transformation is taking advantage of being able to leverage software to evolve and enhance the way that all software applications are being used. And in addition ensuring that departments are not working in silos.

There is a secret sauce to successful digital transformation and that is not just figuring out what the process is, but also ensuring that the transformation adds value to the business and to the departments affected by this change.

A good example would be connecting an ERP to a CRM. If you think about this process does all the information in your CRM need to be in your ERP? No, it doesn’t.  Why would you put prospect information in your accounting system? Accountants are not interested in your contacts until they are customers and need to be sent invoices or statements.  In this example an ideal process would be to have all prospect and customer information in the CRM, and when the status in CRM changes from prospect to customer, then this information would automatically be entered into the ERP. In this use case your digital transformation is much more than a synchronization of data. It is a rule based sharing of important data, and the data shared will depend on your role in the organization and to the software system or systems you work with. 

So that answers part one of the question. Now let’s address part 2. Do I need to replatform CRM, ERP or any of my other software applications to benefit from Digital Transformation?

The answer is no you don’t.  If your CRM and ERP are meeting your needs and your only issue is that they are working in silos, then there is no compelling reason to replatform to be able to take  advantage of digital transformation. Middleware, such as BPA platform, enables you to design workflow and integration process that will benefit your business.

Here are just a few of the benefits:  

  • Employees become more productive by concentrating on activities that are important
  • Increased ROI and profits due to better visibility
  • Save time and money by removing repetitive manual administration
  • Eradicate human error.

Are you ready to explore your digital transformation? Knowing that you don't have to throw out your existing applications is a compelling reason to investigate what digital transformation can do for you.

Contact us to learn more about how to digitally transform your business without replatforming your CRM or ERP, and how you can utilizing our low code-no code, drag and drop BPA Platform software. 

The question is: What do you want to automate?