How HubSpot CRM Integrations Make Marketing Easier

Just as the name suggests, a customer relationship management system(CRM) is meant to help you manage client information; phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. But another purpose it serves is to help you gain greater actionable business insights. Insight into how customers are interacting with your business, insight into how your salespeople are interacting with your customers and insight into the opportunities your salespeople are presented with to improve their selling. Your CRM becomes the key for your business to build stronger relationships with existing customers and enables your salespeople to tactfully nurture prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.

HubSpot CRM Integration

Since a CRM’s most valuable asset is the data it contains, you should actively be looking for ways to improve and build upon that data. If you’re using HubSpot, the marketing automation and content optimization system, you know there is no shortage of data the platform can produce. When using it to its fullest extent, you can start putting together a cohesive view of how website visitors interact with your site, which users are most interested in your products or services and what portions of your site perform the best.

There has been a shift in how businesses conduct their marketing and sales. In the past, the two largely operated independent of one another; two separate entities, despite belonging to the same organization. The shift to what some people are creatively calling Smarketing(Sales+Marketing=Smarketing. Get it?!), is changing the way the two work together. They’re ‘closing the loop’ and sharing information that was once exclusive to their respective groups. Of course marketing has information that could help their salespeople sell and of course sales has information that can help marketers market.

If you’re a HubSpot user, integrating with a CRM is one of the best things you can do to boost your marketing efforts. Here’s how a HubSpot CRM integration will make your marketing easier and more profitable.

Consistency of Data

One key benefit of a HubSpot CRM integration is the consistency that it provides to your data. When the two systems are working together, you’re no longer creating data in two, disjointed systems.

As mentioned before, one of HubSpot’s strengths is the marketing data that it produces. By connecting it to your CRM, your salespeople can see how their prospects are interacting with your website, which can be incredibly valuable to know throughout the sales process. And with a marketing department exposed to (consistent) data they normally wouldn’t utilize, they’re opening doors to new opportunities.

Automated Updates on Information

Another benefit of a HubSpot integration is that your CRM information is updated automatically. Having that integration in place typically removes the need entirely for double-entry of data. Since your two systems are speaking to each other, your data flows from one to the other and ensures that it's updated frequently, without the need for your employees to do it manually.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation frees your marketers from performing repetitive, time consuming tasks such as sending emails and manually scheduling social media posts. These tasks take them away from bigger picture, strategy work.

Much of your regular outreach and communication can be automated through an integration, making your regular marketing efforts easier and more effective.

New Way to Segment Marketing Campaigns

One of the biggest benefits you’ll see from integrating HubSpot and a CRM is the ability to segment marketing campaigns with new data. According to Invesp, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20%. The integration of the two systems will allow you to remarket previous customers and segment contacts within HubSpot for your email marketing and personalization efforts on your website. Since selling to existing customers is often easier and more profitable, your marketing will be made easier by dedicating more targeted attention to existing customers.