Getting to the Why

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We have reached the time of the year for reflection, professional and personal development, downtime with family and friends, and the sprint to the finish!

Our sprint typically consists of the following: the push for the last few deals to close, the eternal struggle of PTO notifications, end of the year budget crunches to capture the "use it or lose it" opportunities, ensuring integrations are humming along for last minute online ordering, and the best team sport of them all, planning for the growth ahead!

Like any good plan, it pays to understand and reflect on what is working, what could use improvement, and setting goals – the attainable and those that are well out of the realm of possibility today - but attainable with the proper focus for the future. Fisher’s attainable goal for 2020 was originally going to be “Getting Past the What” but has morphed into “Getting to the Why” for several reasons.

1. It was a consistent theme encountered at conferences this year,
2. It was a consistent theme in articles read this year,
3. It was already an unconscious focus for Fisher and
4. We already wrote about our what earlier in the year and the #FisherDifference is not about us, it is about you!

The list of competitors that want your business is a mile long. Consultants are a dime a dozen (not an easy pill for someone who is a consultant to always swallow). Your time is your most precious commodity. Key to earning your trust is to communicate value to you in a timely manner. You are focused on your growth and we are here to get you to your “why”. Integration and automation are the answers to your “what” when you have identified the need to streamline processes and systems. Do you know the real “why” for your business other than improving the bottom-line?

Our “why” is your end-user experience. While providing for a seamless system experience is the goal of any successful solution, if the end-user experience does not improve, your and our collective “why” was not achieved.

Our commitment to you, the #FisherDifference, begins with a complimentary Discovery. The Discovery consultation provides the opportunity to understand and get to your why. Are you ready to move the project forward? Do you have key stakeholder buy-in? Will the outcome meet the necessary technical expectations? The depth and breadth of the time is a hard look, together, and may result in us parting ways until all the requirements are ready on each side. Either way, if in the short term the collective goal is out of the realm of possibility, if trust is accomplished, we understand that it will be attainable in the future.

Cheers to a great sprint to the end of 2019 and to "Getting to the Why" in 2020!



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