Eight Reasons to be Thankful

It's that time of year again where we come together and pay gratitude to all the things that give us meaning, making every day worthwhile. Here at Fisher Technology, we pride ourselves on being a family company with values that showcase who we truly are as both individuals and a cohesive team.

As 2019 begins winding down, we'd like to take a moment and reflect on what each member of the Fisher Technology family is thankful for this holiday season...Thanksgiving

When I was a boy, growing up in the UK, I always dreamed that one day, I would live in the US. I am thankful that I realized that dream alongside my lovely wife and incredible sons 14 years ago.

Paul Cannon, Founder

What is important in my life and what am I grateful for? My family. I am blessed to have an amazing family who, quirks and all, I love unconditionally. As we are spread across the country and across the pond, I am thankful all the time we get to spend together. For me this is my foundation and makes me who I am today. This lifetime of memories, some happy, some sad, are what I treasure.

Nicole Laurier, Co-Founder

I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time with family. Being able to reflect on the relationships that matter and build upon memories as we develop new traditions each year is a blessing. Also, having the time and resources to grill a beer can turkey is never a bad thing, either!

Dan Gizzi, VP of Business Development

First and foremost, what I am truly thankful for is being healthy. As you navigate your way through life, you realize how important and how very fortunate you are to have good health. It all begins with that and everything else is gravy (no pun intended!) During this holiday season, I am thankful for friends and family and the times we spend together that fill your heart up. This is what makes me feel blessed!

Johanna Dekama, Administrative Specialist

As the year goes by there are so many things we can look at with hindsight and say that we wish we had done things differently and be critical of our choices. This is often a way we overlook the things we have been blessed with along the way. So, this year my list is short I am grateful for the blessing of life each day, the blessing to wake up each day to do what I love while providing for my family and the ability to have a positive impact on my children as they grow. My wish for others living in this ever-changing society is they to take a moment to reflect not on the material accomplishments this year but rather on the relationships they have and encouraging others in a meaningful way.

Rich Borek II, Senior Business Process Consultant

In my life thus far, I've been blessed to be surrounded by a group of friends and family that serve as a foundation I can really count on. It's always important to have a team that you feel supports you in whatever you set out to do in life and won't falter. Within the last few months I've been lucky enough to join the Fisher Technology team and really feel welcomed here. Paul, Nicole, Dan, Johanna, and Minny are the greatest company to have and they've made this internship feel like a second home. I can proudly say that everything I've learned and will continue to learn from this extraordinary group of people will attribute to the success of my future to come. I'm thankful for Fisher Technology!

Kiara Walker, Social Media & Content Intern

Since joining the Fisher family in 2007, each year I have more and more to be thankful for. I'm grateful for the walks I take with Paul and Nicole,  the snacks they give me when everyone else doesn't want to share their delicious lunch, and all the trucks that pass by the office and give me something to bark at. I'm also  thankful for everyone putting up with my snoring during strategy meetings and conference calls- naps are a productive part of my daily agenda. But more than anything, I'm thankful to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people who adore and care for me!

Minny the Dog

As a family business, Fisher Technology is dedicated to providing the utmost service to our customers and partners. We're thankful to be able to come to work every day and build connections not only within our community but beyond. We're also thankful to be able to work in an inviting and productive environment that allows us to be the best versions of ourselves that we could possibly be, striving for excellence along the way. This season gives us the chance to reflect on everything that we're thankful for throughout the year and hold those things just a little bit closer to our hearts. More than anything, we give thanks to you, our partners and customers for all your unrelenting support that we receive. We wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving from us to you!

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