Why Take Technical Training for Business Process Management Software?



Would you spend $20,000 + on a car if you did not know how to drive? Would you buy a flat pack suite of furniture and ignore the instructions before you started constructing it?

If you answered yes to either of these questions perhaps you want to stop reading now!

Maybe this is a rhetorical question but why would you purchase a new piece of software and not take training?

No two software products are identical in the way that they work, so even if you are a hardened 'techie' why would you not take technical training and save yourself hours of pain using an unfamiliar piece of software, or worse give up on the product because it 'doesn't work' though in truth it does just not the way you thought it did.

A key mantra that we at Fisher Technology have always insited upon with our Reseller Partners is that they take full technical training. Why? We want our partners to know how to install and configure TaskCentre correctly for their clients. We want our Partners to be competent and confident so that they can effectively sell and maintain TaskCentre for all their clients. This becomes a win win situation for everyone as the customer receives an effective business process management solution that automates their manual process and the Partner has a happy customer.

More recently many of our Reseller Partners have been reaching out to us to offer additional consultative training. The benefits of consultative training are that at the end of the course the customers have real life working processes that they can continue to develop as well as having the working knowledge of the software so that they can continue to build their business processes and use our software effectively.

We know from experience that one of the key reasons we have happy Partners and Customers is that not only do they understand the value of the business process management software that they have bought but they have been trained throughly and are able to apply the application successfully in their business.

Do you agree on our training policy? Or do you prefer to waste your time and muddle through as you think we are just trying to sell you training services? Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

The question is: What do you want to automate?