How Business Process Management Keeps Your Sales Team Agile

In today's fast moving environment businesses need to be agile and stay in touch with their customers at regular intervals. It is not always possible for sales departments to regularly connect with existing customers for a variety of reasons, their time may be taken up bringing in new business or on other projects, they might be on vacation or out sick.

This is an area where business process management solutions can immediately show a return on investment. Instead of a sales person manually going through the database checking for customers to send out an offer, the business process management suite can be set up to automatically pull the data, send a scheduled email and depending on the response send out further emails. Additionally daily or weekly reports can also be created on the fly for the management teams in the sales and marketing departments. This type of automated process has been proved to increase profits.

Another benefit is that marketing messages can automatically be targeted and sent to customers depending on their previous purchases.

Would your sales team benefit from this type of solution? 


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