What is Business Process Management Software?

TaskCentre business process management software

The question that I get asked most regularly is "what does the software do?". "Give me the 30 second elevator pitch".

My response is always the same, "I wish I had a 30 second pitch. We offer a  business process management software solution".

In return I usually get a blank stare when I am with someone face to face, or total silence. If I am on the phone I'll get "what's that?"

My response varies but goes along the lines of "our software enables your business to take your everyday processes and automate them. For example, you have a website where you take orders and when an order is placed an email is sent to an office administrator, who then manually takes the information from the email, adds it to your customer relationship management system and your accounts system and responds to the customer with a thank you. The administrator then works to ensure that the order is dispatched".

But your business doesn't only get one order a day it gets fifty, 100 or 1000 and your one administrator is now two or 10 and they are all swamped and can't do the rest of their non-repetitive work. Well Business Process Management Software can automate all this manual process, according to your business rules, that will inevitably change. So you need to be agile as well!

You see, there is no easy 30 second elevator pitch; there are just examples of how a business can benefit from automating their manual everyday processes. And although every business is different very often the manual repetitive  processes are similar.

The question is 'What do you want to automate?'