Automate Customer Service Requests

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Good customer service has always been a key component to the success of any business. In the past if you didn't treat a customer well it didn't necessarily matter because new customers might not hear about the poor customer service until they experienced a problem themselves.

With the advent of social media, you can no longer hope to sweep the problems with customer service under a 'virtual rug'. If a customer has a problem with a company you can be sure that they will post about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, anywhere to let others know about their dissatisfaction. Larger companies with a strong social media presence who are watching all relevant feeds can jump in and handle the problem.

However, small and medium sized businesses can't always be monitoring social media, they don't have the time nor the personnel, they need to run their business and ensure they get sales. So what can they do to ensure they always give great customer service?

Our customers have told us by automating customer service requests they have been able to ensure that they can respond immediately and automatically to a problem and put the tracking procedures in place so that the problem is monitored and resolved in a timely fashion to the customers satisfaction.

Every business is different but because TaskCentre's process can be set according to 'your' business rules you end up with a custom solution that gives a quick return on your investment and that is just one example.

The question is 'what do you want to automate?