Automated Email Archiving with TaskCentre

Many customers who use Sage SalesLogix want to be able to automatically archive both inbound and outbound emails. The benefits to users are huge, the users do not do not have to worry that emails they send and receive are getting into their database, nor do they have to remember an additional step when clearing and filing their email. Managers and Business owners want to know that all correspondence between their customers and employees is filed consistently into the database according to their business rules.

TaskCentre for Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) can fully automate email archiving. SalesLogix administrators are able to choose the options that best suit their business rules and with one click they can select to archive all emails, or to archive either inbound/and or outbound emails. Administrators can also configure how to archive inbound attachments/and or outbound. Better yet they can limit attachment sizes. Very large attachments can be set so that authorization is required by the user to confirm if an attachment should be stored.

Below are a series of four videos showing how easy it is to set up and configure TaskCentre for Sage SalesLogix to handle automated email archiving. 

Although these videos show email archiving with Sage SalesLogix, remember TaskCentre can be used with virtually any database provided it can connect through either ODBC or OLEDB.

The key question is what do you want to automate?