8 Questions with TaskCentre (represented by Fisher Technology)

By Peter Wolf July 5th 2011.

We have asked Sage Summit exhibitors to provide their answers to a set of 8 questions in order to help us all learn a bit more about them.

The goal of these questions is to help Summit attendees to identify exhibitors that they might want to visit prior to the show.

I’m fairly predictable and single-minded in my love for SageCRM so the initial request was only sent to exhibitors linked to SageCRM. However, if you would like to participate (even if you aren’t integrated with SageCRM), please reply in the comments below or tweet me at @AzambaInc.

TaskCentre (represented by Fisher Technology) can be found at booth #230 during Sage Summit 2011.

1)       Who are you and what does your organization do?

I am  Nicole Laurier, VP for Sales & Marketing at Fisher Technology. We are the North American Distributor for TaskCentre authored by Orbis Software of the UK.

2)       What products and services do you offer in conjunction with SageCRM?

We offer TaskCentre which is the leading Business Process Management Suite that is an easy to use drag and drop tool with a rich graphical user interface that enhances Sage CRM by adding integration and enhanced workflow.

3)       Why should Sage partners and customers visit your booth?

At Booth 230 we will be demonstrating TaskCentre, we will show partners and customers the tight integration that we have with Sage CRM. Additionally we will be debuting the new Web Service Connector tools that  allows all Sage applications to connect with virtually any cloud application.

4)       Are you offering any free give-aways?

Of course! We are famous for our corporate Fisher Technology pens that are ergonomically designed for comfort when writing! Also always worth stopping by to grab a Hershey kiss from one of our Martini Glasses – rich dark chocolate always a favorite from our visitors!

5)       Where can you be found online?

Visit our website (some of it is under construction [Ed note: I can relate, Nicole!]) where we have created some special content for Sage Summit. Partners and customers can pick up their virtual tote bag that we have created in order to go ‘green’ with Sage.

6)       What do you hope to gain from this year’s Summit?

We hope to engage with more partners from within the Sage CRM arena, our product is  well known and popular amongst the SalesLogix Community and we are looking to spread our wings and get the word out to the Sage CRM community about TaskCentre and the benefits of working with us.

7)       What is your favorite feature of SageCRM?

We tap into the expertise within the Sage CRM Partner community as we value their expertise and deep knowledge and understanding of the product and give them the tool to work with to enhance its features.

8)       Why do you believe SageCRM is the best CRM product on the market?

Without being flippant this is hard question to answer bearing in mind that we don’t know the product well. But Sage is a company that we have been working with for the past 5 years and with the caliber of Reseller Partners and the vibrant community that it has for its Sage CRM Solutions I can only think that the product must be great otherwise they would not have the community of evangelists and specialists that it has!


Great answers! Looking forward to seeing you at Summit.