What a Difference a (Social Media) DAY Makes!


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As I sat packing the final items to ship to Summit in DC this morning it occurred to me what a difference social media has made to the build up to this Conference.

Beacause of LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter there has been so much chatter about the conference, about the sessions, about the networking opportunities and about the parties (especially the Night at the Museum), that it seems as if you are already at the conference - and there is still more than a week till it the conference starts!

Whoever thought of having guest bloggers from Sage was inspired. I have been avidly following them all, and the tips offerred to attendees have been so practical from Wayne Shultz finding out how to get a phone charger if you forget yours to an interview with Suzanne Spear about what to pack. My favorite was written by Apryl Hanson on where to find comfortable shoes for the show, unfortunately I read it the day after I bought new shoes!

So thank you 'Social Media' on your 'DAY' for connecting so many of us before this event, I know you will play a big part during and after the confrenece.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in DC wearing my comfy shoes of course!