Partner Spotlight: Blytheco


Here at Fisher Technology, we take pride in helping our reselling partners transform their clients' operations through integration and process automation.

Here’s a look at what Phil Sim, VP of Professional Services at Blytheco, had to say about our partnership and how TaskCentre helps them deliver the best possible technology solutions to their customers.

Describe Your Partnership with Fisher Tech

Phil: We first started working with Fisher Technology around 2009 and our partnership has been evolving ever since. They have become a trusted partner that helps support our mutual customers as an extension of the Blytheco team.

Why Did You Choose TaskCentre?

Phil: TaskCentre provides a wide array of tools that are a nice complement to our core ERP and CRM offerings. 

We've found that TaskCentre allows us to deliver solutions that would typically take multiple products.

How Does TaskCentre Benefit Your Customers?

Phil: We use TaskCentre to break down information silos and allow data to flow seamlessly between systems. It’s the glue that holds it all together, enabling us to provide value-added customer solutions beyond boxed software.

"There are 2 things we look for in a business relationship – trust and integrity. We found both with Fisher Technology."


Would You Recommend Fisher Technology to Others?

Phil: Without a doubt. They bring added value to our business and our customers - it’s a perfect fit


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About Blytheco

Serving the SMB and small enterprise business community since 1980, Blytheco offers a wide variety of business management software (ERP, CRM, HRMS, Marketing Automation) supported by exceptional professional services to enable business to obtain their goals.

Risk assessment, change management, marketing strategy, process work flow improvement and refinement of best practices assure a successful implementation of software solution tailored for specific business objectives. With 100 employees across the U.S. in eight states, Blytheco works with over 5,000 clients in many industries to help turn dreams into productivity.

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