Why You Can't Automate EVERYTHING

What’s the best part about living in the modern age?  For us, the answer is technology and automation.

We’ve seen workflow automation software do some amazing things for our clients.

The ability to automate administrative tasks and inefficient business processes - that once took hours of manual labor - is a beautiful thing. Technology in knocking down barriers that previously stood in the way of productivity and profits.

But there’s a catch.

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What’s the Catch?

The efficiency that results from automation can be intoxicating, causing you to obsess over automating every single business process.

Unfortunately, you can't automate everything.

Some processes still require good old fashioned decision-making and human intuition. In fact for most companies, it’s that very same human intuition that provides a competitive advantage.

Significant decisions that combine logic, experience, and discretion can’t be made by software or technology - nor should they.

Why Process Automation Software Works

There’s something to be said for automation software like TaskCentre that works, step by step, to ensure that your labor-intensive administrative processes get done in a quick, automated, and consistent way.

But the processes have to be the right candidates for automation.

Business Process Management (BPM) software really shines when you automate tasks that are mundane, repetitive, and don’t require a high degree of skill or critical decision making.

With business automation software, every task is executed in the context of a larger process that adheres to specific business rules. One completed task (whether automated or human) will automatically trigger the next until the entire process is finished. Everything gets accomplished in the correct order so that your business processes are consistent, accurate, efficient, and error-free.

The Balanced Approach

Let’s face it – shuffling paper, chasing down approvals, entering the same data in multiple systems, and importing and exporting data between applications is exhausting. 

But when you automate those mundane, low value and repetitive tasks using process automation software like TaskCentre, your time and energy is freed up to focus on the critically important decisions that require your experience, intuition, and full attention.

It's all about balance – apply technology where it's a good fit, and use human intuition and decision making where it's critical. 

Don’t automate for the sake of automation. Technology and software are just tools – the experience of the people behind your company make all the difference.

You can’t automate everything – but when you blend experience and human intuition with the right technology, it can make a tremendous difference to your business and take your company to the next level.

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