Workflow Automation Software - Understanding The Basics

When your workforce adheres to pre-defined and repeatable best-practices, your business is more efficient, your product or service more consistent, and you avoid having important customer service issues fall through the cracks.

Now imagine having all your core business processes aided and streamlined by technology … that’s workflow automation. Let’s take a closer look.

Workflow Automation Software Puzzle

What is Workflow Automation Software?

Whether your company is located on Wallstreet or Mainstreet, every employee in your company follows some sort of business process on a daily basis (orders, requisitions, purchasing, setting up new customers, etc.).

The objective of workflow automation is to remove as much human intervention from those processes and replace manual labor with consistent, repeatable, and efficient automation.

Workflow automation software like TaskCentre transforms mundane, administrative tasks and employee activities into automated processes from start to finish – all while freeing up resources, reducing human error, eliminating delays, and creating a more consistent experience for your customers when they interact with your business.

Let’s face it, employees today are overworked and overstressed – which can result in missed deadlines, duplication errors, and increased operational costs. Workflow automation eliminates most of those issues.

How Does Workflow Automation ... Um, Work?

Workflow automation software allows you to configure a specific set of rules based on your daily business needs and unique operational processes.

Once created, these business rules will automatically route assignments or documents to the next task, or person, until the entire process is completed. One completed task or step automatically triggers the next. It’s consistent, accurate, thorough, and efficient.

For example, imagine that a new customer places an order. Workflow automation software like TaskCentre will:

  1. Automatically send new customer information to accounting along with order details
  2. Notify accounting (email alert) that a credit check is required
  3. Accounting performs credit check and enters credit limit in the system (human intervention)
  4. Step 3 automatically triggers a new record/account/customer in the system (no duplicate data entry required)
  5. Step 4 automatically triggers and sends new customer welcome email, order acknowledgement, and estimated ship date
  6. Automatically notify the sales person in that territory (if appropriate)

Since you’ve preconfigured the required steps in the workflow automation software, each completed task automatically triggers (and in many cases executes) the next task.

How’s that for efficiency??!!

Undeniable Benefits of Workflow Automation

When your business processes (or workflows) are automated, you’ll improve accuracy, ensure a consistent customer experience, increase revenue, and save time and money.

Obviously you can’t automate EVERYTHING – some processes require critical decision-making and intuition.  You’ll notice in the example above, there is still a bit of the process that requires human intervention.

But when you use technology to automate tasks that are repetitive, mundane, and CAN be automated, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the important stuff that requires your personal skill and attention.

TaskCentre, the “swiss army knife” of workflow automation software, enables you to seamlessly integrate your ERP system with e-commerce, marketing automation, your website, CRM, and more. So whether you want to automatically transfer orders from your web store to your ERP system, synchronize stock levels, or transfer shipping information - TaskCentre can help streamline your processes.

The workflow automation opportunities are endless.

That's why at Fisher Technology, our tagline is "What do You Want to Automate Today?"

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