TaskCentre v4.6 Updates

New Features & Sub-Releases

Since September last year when Orbis Software released TaskCentre v4.6 which, apart from a significant number of fixes, added Cluster support for SQL Server Triggers, open (query-able) Event Log, and full support for Windows 2012, SQL Server 2012 and Windows 8 for the client, a number of sub-releases have been made and I’d like to bring you up to date on what we have.

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TaskCentre Version 4.6 - Hotfixes A & B

4.6 Hotfixes A and B can be applied to TaskCentre Version 4.6. It contains:

  • An enhancement to the Recordset to XML tool enabling the use of up to ten record-sets

  • An increase in the character limit within the freehand mode for the Database Query tools

  • Various stability improvements within the TaskCentre product

  • Support for Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

  • Support for Firefox Version 27

  • Hotfix B Adds dynamic placeholders for TaskID and InstanceID to the SQL Trigger scripts.

It also contains resolutions to a number of issues, details of which are included in the Release Notes.

We are recommending that customers who have installed 4.6 apply Hotfix B. Note that Hotfixes are cummulative; there is no need to install Hotfix A prior to installing Hotfix B.

TaskCentre Tools for SAP Business One now version 4.0.2

  • SAP Business One 9.0 for SAP HANA Support

  • New sub objects

  • Unit of Measurement Prices added to Item Schema

  • PrimaryFormItems added to Incoming Payments Schema

  • UserSign2 field to added to Business Partner Schema for use in event agent

  • Without Inventory Movement field added to purchase credit note schema

  • Dimensions fields added to Production Order schema

  • Schema changes

    • UnitPerMsr field added to Document_Lines in Sales Order Schema

    • BpAct field added to Incoming Payment schema

  • A number of incident fixes as detailed in the release notes including the ability to update user defined objects

TaskCentre Tools for Saleslogix V1.2

The following new features are included in this release:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2012

  • Support for Saleslogix 8.1

TaskCentre Web Service Connector - Service Release 7 (Build 870)

This product release includes fixes to the following incidents:

  • Connection timeouts now being honored

  • Enabling the MaxMessageSize registry key to alter customBinding settings

  • Improved connectivity with the Magento REST API. This API has better performance than the Magento SOAP API that we have been connecting to, so can cope with much larger order downloads for example.

  • A number of incident fixes as detailed in the release notes.

TaskCentre Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool Pack - Release 2.0

This new tool pack for TaskCentre 4.6 provides functionality for integrating business applications with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. This release includes a new connector tool with the ability to create, amend, delete and find:

  • Calendar entries in users' default calendars (including recurring entries)

  • Contacts in the users' default contacts folder

  • Task items for individual users

Further enhancements are planned for this tool pack including extensions to the connector tool for Tasks and Email, and a new Microsoft Exchange Event Agent that will collect events from the Exchange Server and make them available to TaskCentre.

Run Microsoft Reporting Services Report Tool Pack 1.0 Service Release 1.0

This release can be used with TaskCentre 4.6 and higher; it includes support for reports built with Report Builder 3 (SQL Server 2012) and allows for reports obtained from a central location to be executed in local mode. It also includes a number of fixes to issues detailed in the release notes.

Additional Tool & Language Packs

Additional Tool Packs are available for additional cost for the following:

  • Amazon Market Place (utilizing the MWS – Marketplace Web Services)

  • EDI Integration

  • Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 (see above)

  • Exact Globe and Synergy

  • Sage CRM

  • SalesForce.com

For use with TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool (see above), connection templates are available for UPS and eBay Trading API.

Language packs are available for Spanish and Portuguese.

TaskCentre Tool SDK 1.3

The latest release of the Tool SDK enables the development of tools that run within TaskCentre using Microsoft Visual Studio in C# or VB. It enables you to create templated input, format, output, execute, general and specialist integration tools. This release extends support to:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

It also improves the template for error handling in integration tools.

*Note: The SDK is only available to authorized developer partners. Please contact us for more information.

A Note About Using the Run Crystal Reports Tool and the Crystal Runtime Engine

Please note that under certain new TaskCentre licenses, a separate Crystal Report Runtime license may be required. In Addition, any existing customer that needs to move TaskCentre from one server to another may need to obtain a new CR Runtime. This change is due to changes that SAP has made to its Master OEM License with Orbis Software. For any questions, please let us know.

Have Questions or Need Help?

A library of support articles can be found in the TaskCentre Knowledgebase and there is a wealth of self-learning articles to be found here.

Authorized Resellers can download all these updates from the Partner Area of Orbis Software’s website at http://www.orbis-software.com/partner-area/index.php.

For further information, or upgrade assistance please contact us.

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