Cyber Monday does it have to hurt your ECommerce store?


Most everyone has heard of Black Friday the busiest retail shopping day of the year and many of us are now becoming familiar with Cyber Monday the ECommerce equivalent.

Over the past few years since the advent of Internet shopping the dynamic of Black Friday has changed. No longer do you have to camp out all night in the cold and damp to get the best bargain from your favorite store. Now you have the luxury of being tucked up under your cozy duvet whilst you surf the net for the best deals from your favorite on-line retailer.

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Because of this shift Cyber Monday has become as important for on-line retailers as Black Friday is to traditional store owners. However, this sudden increase in trading can cause headaches for these businesses if they don't have good processes and integration in place to manage this surge in demand.

On-line retailers need to be confident that their store is offering better deals than their competitors. That they are responding quickly to orders and notifying their customers that shipments have been made. That they have sufficient stock to cover the orders and when it has run out that their site reflects that they have sold out. Key to the smooth running of their internal systems is to ensure that all the customers ordering information is entered into an accounting system, as well  as keeping track of what inventory has been purchased, ensuring that re-ordering can be done in a timely fashion and that there is no delay in fulfilling orders.

On-line retailers who handle these processes manually on an ordinary day invariably have learned to cope with the repetitive manual process and double entries these sytems require, and they think that Cyber Monday is just a crazy blip in the annual calendar.

It doesn't have to be this way. By integrating eCommerce applications to back-end accounting systems these stores are run more efficiently and staff time is freed up to concentrate on building the business not maintaining the status quo. On-line retaillers need to remember that there are other busy shopping periods, Christmas, Valentine's Day etc.

Do you want Cyber Monday to be your ECommerce stores worst nightmare or would you like your busiest day to run smoothly and have the added benefit of not having to worry about your store standing alone on any given day of the year?

Integration and process automation are the answer to this problem. Let us help you make your business run smoothly and ensure your processes are automated and efficient.

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