Documenting TaskCentre's Tasks

Documenting TaskCentre Tasks


There was an interesting question posed in the TaskCentre LinkedIn group asking how people handle documenting Tasks that have been built so that if the designer leaves an organization there is a trail of the work that has been done.

The following suggestions were made.

1)Within TaskCentre by using the description field on the General tab you can give an overview of what the task does and you can give the steps descriptive names. The downside of this approach is that the information is held within TaskCentre and not externally.

2) Build a simple task that query's the TaskCentre API to generate a HTML document containing basic information regarding TaskCentre. This document includes a summary of:

- Total amount of tasks
- Amount of enabled tasks
- Amount of disabled tasks
- Folder-sorted task documentation containing:
-- Folder the task is present in
-- Name of the task
-- Taskcentre task ID
-- Description of the task (The description filled in the description field of the general tab)
-- If the task is enabled or disabled
-- Owner of the task.

The basic HTML design can of course be modified, and it is possible to use basic HTML in the task description (For example for bolding, italics and so on). As with any task the HTML can be saved to a file or mailed, and has the advantage that it just requires a "Queue now" of the task to be regenerated after changes in tasks or descriptions.

3) Use a series of screen shots (copied and pasted into Word) to document up the tasks. The challenge you have is that tasks can be changed "too easily" and the documentation can quickly get out of date. You should consider putting in some kind of release management practice that uses TaskCentre User Security to protect live tasks.

4) Produce UML Process Maps to document tasks; usually as part of the proposal and requirements specification. They help as you can easily describe the logic you have built and any data being passed between task steps. Its much simpler to facilitate change in these documents (providing its not a major amendment) as you simply replace/rename/create the UML elements you are using.

  This little gem is quite useful if you want to go down that route:


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