Twitter Integration with CRM

Twitter integration with TaskCentre


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you know that Twitter is used in Social Media to connect people in 140 character sound bites. And many business are jumping on the bandwagon and actively engaging with Customers, prospects, colleagues and partners via Twitter.

But here's the rub. How do you know what is happening in the world of Twitter? Unless you have nothing better to do than monitor the Twitter feed all day, you can miss out on some of the conversations related to your product and the opportunities they can bring.  And you might have an unhappy customer who is venting their frustration on Twitter and you are missing out on responding.

So let me ask you a few questions:

Would you like to receive an email real time whenever your company is mentioned on Twitter?

Would you like that information to be associated with an account in your CRM?

Would you like to know if a customer is unhappy and be able to automatically respond and assign a customer service representative to handle the issue?

Do any of these examples resonate? There are plenty more I can think of but this is just to whet your appetite.

So what is the solution?

Using TaskCentre for integration of course!

Okay you are now thinking there are lots of different product integrations out there already so why is TaskCentre different?  There are quite a few answers to that question.


TaskCentre not only offers the integration between Twitter and the CRM application but it goes beyond the integration - it will put the important data gathered from your CRM and then based on how your business wants to handle the information let someone know about tweets in real time.


Many integrations are based on hard core technical custom code. TaskCentre is designed so that you can build your processes without the need for custom code. It has easy to use drag and drop capabilities and a rich graphical user interface.


What are you waiting for! Download the TaskCentre for Twitter Integration brochure to learn more about the benefits of Twitter integration using TaskCentre.

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