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Every business uses some kind of reporting.  Typically these reports focus on sales and finance areas of the business. Business owners and their Management Team are looking for key trading information such as:

- How many new customers bought your product in the last month?

- How much the value of your sales were last week?

- Which of the products that you sell is most popular?

- How many of your customers owe money for more than 60 days?

Businesses need to know whether sales targets are being met, which product lines are worth retaining, whether cash flow is going to be tight as debtors are too high. Without these vital reports a business is in the dark. Bottom line reports are essential.  

Problems arise in creating reports when the data cannot be easily accessed. It may be that the information is stored in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) or the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or multiple databases,  and that data needs to be manually collated, analyzed and then distributed.

Because the data is not in one place or in one system, many organizations find that creating reports ties up hours and hours of a team member’s day and although the information is vital to the smooth running of the business the cost of manually generating these reports can be very high.

TaskCentre’s document automation tools enable a business to connect existing software applications and systems, and then based on your business rules automatically generates these (often) complex reports.

TaskCentre does not restrict how often your reports can be generated. You set the rules, and the process can be based either on a schedule or on a change to one of the relevant fields in any of your databases.

Once the reports have been generated the next step is to choose how they are distributed;  you have the option to email, print or fax. And you can choose who the recipients are even if they are not based at your organization.

Automated reporting quickly shows a return on investment. We often find that once organizations have automated all their reporting they realize that there are other document processes that can benefit from automation such as credit control.  

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If your manual report generation process is causing you headaches talk to us about how TaskCentre can automate the process and free up your staff time.

The question is ‘What do you want to automate?’


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