Why Wouldn't You Use Your Own Software In-House?

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Last week on LinkedIn there was an interesting discussion debating why an organization that sells customer relationship management software would use a different product to run their own business. What does this say about their faith in their software?

The argument went along the lines of if you were an owner of a McDonalds you would not eat at Burger King, nor would you recommend that your customers eat there!

As I think about this, I realized that as an employee of an organization, whatever your role, be it sales, customer service, administration you have to be an evangelist of that organization. How can any sales person enthusiastically promote a product if they don't have faith in their company's product, if they are not interested in the market space it plays in, if they are not inspired? How can they go to work every day and be good at what they do? And if they don't use the product how can they have a good understanding of the benefits that their customers can derive? 

In my opinion to be successful in sales if you are not an evangelist for the product or service that  you are selling then it's time for you to find a new job!

So by the same argument why wouldn't you use the software that your organization sells, especially if it is a business application that can benefit how your organization is run?

I guess I can understand if you don't always have the most recent functionality set up as you may be too busy ensuring that your customers have all the latest technology, but I am not sure (paraphrasing) that is an excuse to not "eat your own hamburger".

We use TaskCentre in-house to monitor our own internal systems (amongst other things). My Monday morning would not be complete without getting the automated report of which evaluations are due to expire and which of our customers' maintenance contracts are about to expire and need to be renewed. I know these reports are going to arrive as an email in my inbox and I don't need to manually go and search for that information.

So, do you sell software? And do you use your own products to enhance your business life? If not why not?

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