Fisher Technology not Fischer Technology. What's in a name?

About 3 times a week we receive an email for an organization called Fischer Technology coming into our inquiries inbox. And sometimes people complete a form on one of our contact landing pages through our website looking for a product sold by Fischer Technology.

Every time we receive an email I ensure that I write back to the sender politely pointing out that they have the wrong company and pointing them in the right direction of the organization they are looking for.

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But it makes me wonder does the other organization do the same if our customers mistakenly write to them or complete a form on their website?

It amazes me how someone can complete a contact us form through our website asking for a product that there is no reference to on any of our website pages.

Do you ever go to a website and complete a form if it is obvious that the website does not reference anything vaguely like the items that you are looking for? We sell 'Software' they sell 'Instruments for Coating'. I can't see that how either of these products could be confused with each other.   

Should companies with similar names but different spellings have links on each others websites to help customers find the right organization?

From an SEO standpoint its probably not a bad idea but I am not sure if it would make any difference in the long run to getting these inquiries. Are people so busy that they don't really look at what they are doing before shooting of an email, or completing a contact form? Wouldn't a bit more research ultimately save them from having to request information twice?

Have you experienced the same thing in your organization and if so do you bother to respond? I wonder if there is a correct business etiquette for this.

Please let me know by adding your comments below.