Customers Benefit using TaskCentre with SAP Business One and Magento

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How do Customers using TaskCentre with SAP Business One and Magento benefit?

With the introduction last year of the Web Service Connector Tool TaskCentre is now able to integrate your on premise application with so many online services.

One growth area we are seeing is from SAP Business One customers who want to use TaskCentre to integrate with their Magento E-Commerce Solution.

Magento is a powerful E-Commerce Solution, but it still needs people to extract the data and manually import or re-key the information into their business software. Manual re-keying has drawbacks; specifically it can be very labor intensive and worse still errors in re-keying can easily be made. So, to add TaskCentre to automate these repetitive manual process becomes a no-brainer.

Some of the key requirements are:

Having the ability to automatically move orders from Magento into SAP Business One,

Having order confirmations recorded & order status being automatically updated,

Automatically publishing inventory items from product catalog and/or updating prices,

Automatically updating stock levels and alerting management when stock levels go beneath a set threshold.

We know that every business is different. TaskCentre has been developed as a toolset to aid the customer to build and automate their processes according to their business rules. Customers do not have to be straight-jacketed in the design of their automation. Additionally a competent business analyst - not a developer - using the rich, graphical interface and drag-and-drop capabilities can learn to build the automated process and easily build more 'Tasks' or add to existing ones.

Another thing to remember is that TaskCentre is not limited to integrating with just SAP Business One and Magento. We have many customers using other applications such as Sage, Microsoft, Goldmine.

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Our question to you is What do you want to Automate?