The Path to our new Fisher Technology Website

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Social Media was on the periphery of my horizon this time last year. I did not know or for that matter care what benefits jumping on the social media bandwagon would have for me or for my business.

Sure I played around with Facebook occasionally, more often than not seeing what my college age kids were up to and making certain they did not put anything inappropriate on their profiles.

And I had many connections on LinkedIn and belonged to a number of groups but I never started a conversation or researched/cultivated contacts that I made.

So what changed? Firstly, I helped my sister on a project she was doing for her Art. I helped her blog and create a Facebook page. By doing this for her I realized why couldn’t I use these methods in my business?

With that thought I did two things. I invested in a Social Media Magic University Course to learn more about all the different aspects/tools of Social media marketing, and I invested in Hubspot as I decided that I needed a better way of managing and maintaining our website.

I imported our existing website into the CMS and started to follow the suggested training path, I regularly attended all the training sessions available and as many webinars as time would allow. I learnt about blogging regularly, calls to action, long tail keywords, lead nurturing, landing pages, engaging in social media, tweeting, having a Facebook Page and so much more….

This metamorphosis as it were was back in June and at the end of November I stepped back and realized that although I had much more name recognition, site visits and some leads filtering through, I had made one fundamental mistake and that was setting a goal – yes I was getting somewhere but I hadn’t decided if that was where I wanted to be or worked out the best way of getting there and improving content and visibility along the way!

So I set a new goal – to redesign the website, re design our corporate logo and add metrics to our site, so in the future I can better measure who is visiting what they are reading and which of our marketing efforts is working the best.

We have certainly seen our web leads grow, though I must admit that has slowed during this rebuild phase, I think that is due to not blogging as much.

But we have a goal for our website, and once this is complete will be setting a new goal for the new content/blogs and SEO efforts. We have the tools with Hubspot and I believe we are now on the right path to get the success we are aiming for.

Take a look at our new website and let us know what you think about our new design and new image.

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