TaskCentre with Microsoft Dynamics AX Web Services

Paul Garratt, Technical Director at Orbis Software, has posted a short video demonstration of TaskCentre working with Dynamics AX. It uses the recently released Web Service Connector tool to connect into AX.

This example is importing data into AX from a web shop, but it could equally be any other form of integration or automation such as those listed here.

Setting up against AX is very simple, as long as the application has been installed with the Application Integration Framework (which is included at point of install as an option I believe) then it simply requires the users to expose which web services they require from within the application. These are then registered (from within Dynamics AX itself – you select which web services you want and simply click Generate) and they appear in IIS under the web site for the AX installation and contain the wsdl URLs.

In TaskCentre you simple point at the WSDL file in the global configuration and off you go.

This video also highlights the use of the Data Transformation Component within the Web Service Connector Tool and Paul shows how to perform an inline transformation of a currency code.

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