Frustrated? Can you Handle Sales Objections?

One of the most frustrating aspects of being involved in Sales is overcoming the same objections. Recently I have learned that a good tip is to turn the objection into interest. So how can you do this?

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There is one objection that I come across at least a dozen times a week.

"I have used XYZ Company (our main competition) for years and I don't have the time or resources to look at or learn more about your product."

This is a valid objection but is it fair? What does this organization know about our product? What do they know about the functionality differences? The pricing differences? Have they even seen or researched our product to understand these differences? Is lack of time a reasonable excuse if the product is core to the value add they offer their customers?

The majority of our customers are Value Added Resellers (VARs) so shouldn't they make sure they know about the different products available in their space so they can offer their customers the best solutions for their needs? 

So how do I answer? It's quite simple. Knowing our competition and knowing the significant advantages that our product offers, I can respond with

"You are correct there are similarities in our products, but there are some differences that you need to consider, such as ease of use, more advanced functionality, integration and connectivity not available in the competitor's offering."

I go on to add that I totally respect that they do not have the time or resource to look at our offering at the moment but that I do know from experience that they will come back to me. I tell them this often happens. They will either have a customer who asks them to check us out. Or alternatively they will hear from other partners that they need to work with us. And that I look forward to re-engaging with them when that time comes.

By answering the objection positively and agreeing with the prospect's point of view, leads to further in-depth conversation. I am often asked to book a demonstration, or alternatively to please call back in a month. So at the end of the call, instead of being brushed off and marking the prospect, 'not interested as we purchase from the competition', I am scheduling a follow up as the door is still open often quite wide!

So okay, objections can be frustrating, but I think if you can find a way to turn the brush off into a reason why a prospect shouldn't give you a definite no, then you will get a better reception from your prospects.  If you know enough about the market space that you play in and the compelling reasons why the objection is not valid, then you will enjoy the challenges of answering objections, become more confident and less frustrated when you hear the same ones time and again.

Happy selling!