5 Benefits to Integrating your Ecommerce Store with Marketing Automation

I recently read a blog How to Help Your Clients Get Results with Email Marketing: that talked about how ECommerce stores are proven to increase their revenues using email Marketing to keep top of mind with both potential customers and existing customers.

The article made a lot of sense to me, simply driving traffic using SEO is no longer enough especially as the algorithms are always changing and there is so much more online competition. You need to keep in touch with your customers and prospects and Marketing Automation is a powerful tool to drive traffic. But there can be drawbacks if your Marketing Automation is not integrated with your store.

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There are 5 Benefits to Integrating your email marketing platform with your ECommerce Store:

1. Keeping In Touch with Customers

When a customer purchases from your store the contact details that have been captured at check out, can be automatically entered into your Email Marketing system. Regular emails ensure that you stay in touch with your customers, offering them similar items to those they have already purchased, informing them of special offers, items on sale or holiday promotions

These techniques are proven to increase sales and ensure that customers return. By having the process automated you don’t have to worry about someone needing to manually re-key the data from the store to your lead database every time you get a new customer. Not only will this save time, it will improve efficiency and avoiding costly errors.

2. Cart Abandonment:

For an ECommerce store, cart abandonment can be a huge problem getting customers to the store takes a lots of time and effort and if you let your customers slip away it’s like your money is going down the drain. A web research company quoted in this article found that more than  67% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

By being able to immediately email a prospect to find out the reason why they did not buy, or offer an incentive to get them back onto the site and complete the purchase can make all the difference to the final outcome.

Using automated emails that are pre-configured in your email marketing system, you are able to react quickly to contact the prospect. The Marketing team can see if there are patterns to the cart abandonment and if they need to make changes, perhaps simplify the checkout process, to reduce abandoned carts and increase revenues.

3. Automated Workflows:

The Marketing team can set up Automated Workflows within the email marketing system. These can be designed with different messages depending on whether a customer is a returning customer or a first time customer. When the marketing team has the information automatically pushed to the Email Marketing platform they are able to focus on their marketing message rather than finding the data in the ECommerce Store and finding a way to export it and transfer it manually from one system to another. 

4. Greater Visibility and Better Reporting:

Reporting and analytics are very important to Marketers, they need to know what is popular, what is driving visitors to the store, and they also need to be able to segment their message so that they can send targeted marketing emails to prospects and customers and drive more revenue to the store. Having that data and analytics along with detailed reporting from the store available, is a vital piece for the Marketing team.

5. Segmentation and Personalization:

If you are a regular visitor to a store, your experience when visiting can be personalized based on what you usually purchase. For example, if you always buy shoes on the site, even though they sell a full range of clothing, you could immediately be shown offers for shoes or the new shoes that are available. In addition the emails you receive can be highly targeted and in turn you get the best shopping experience. When you visit a store that you like and you are automatically shown the items that regularly purchase you are more likely to buy.

There are many email Marketing solutions available that can be used with your Ecommerce business, less expensive options are Constant Contact or MailChimp, both of which are very popular and offer some limited integration. Business who want a solution that offers more reporting, deeper analytics, automated workflows and can be fully integrated with an Ecommerce store, typically evaluate HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On & SalesFusion.

Bottom line, email marketing is proven to increase revenues for ECommerce Stores. ECommerce Stores who integrate their store with their Email Marketing platform are more successful, efficient and see increased revenues.  What could be better!

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