4 Ways ERP-Ecommerce Integrations Make you More Efficient

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Did you know that 89% of shoppers have stopped buying from online stores after they’ve experienced poor customer service?

With statistics like this, it is important for your Ecommerce business to do everything it can to provide exceptional customer service and secure repeat business. After all, 40% of an Ecommerce store’s revenue is created by 8% of its customers.

Lucky for online businesses, an integration can not only make your customers’ lives easier, they can also make your life easier. From checkout to shipment, the right ERP-Ecommerce integrations can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

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1. Bi-Directional Integration

When you’re running an Ecommerce business, syncing your order processing to your inventory software can equate to more accurate orders, as well as an increase in ROI. Bi-directional integrations allow your ERP-Ecommerce softwares to connect and share information so that your ordering process is always accurate, your inventory is always on point, and customer satisfaction can be at its all-time best!

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2. Eliminates Duplicate Entry

When it comes to data entry, doing it once should be enough. However, if you’re lacking an ERP-Ecommerce integration, you could be unnecessarily duplicating your entries. Not only are you doing twice the work, but you’re also opening yourself up to errors within your data. Humans make mistakes, and mistakes cost money. Once you setup an automated integration correctly, the result is total accuracy and peace of mind.

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3. Email Notifications

Email notifications may seem small and sometimes insignificant. However, they’re powerful when you’re monitoring a database or an integration. For example, an ERP-Ecommerce integration can be designed to notify you if an action has not processed. So, if an eCommerce integration has been deployed, and orders are not processing properly on your site, an email will be sent out to notify someone to check the system, identify the issue, and fix it!

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4. Customer Service

When orders are fulfilled accurately and on time, you’re proactively eliminating elements of the customer experience that are within your control. Although you may not be able to help ensure a fully intact product after it has been shipped, you’re providing excellent customer service through better customer and inventory management. An ERP-Ecommerce integration also ensures a quick reaction to many other issues that you can handle internally.

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