4 Reasons Why Process Automation Solutions are Necessary For Growth

4 Reasons Why Process Automation Solutions are Necessary For Growth.jpg

No matter the industry, the word “growth” is often used when discussing the future of a business. Whether it is the growth of a company, the personal growth of its employees, or company-related initiatives—growth is always a goal.

So how do you get there?

Many businesses are turning to process automation solutions to keep them on top of their game by increasing their efficiency and using data to improve their everyday efforts.

But why should you consider a business process automation software to increase your growth? Here are 4 great reasons why:

Notifications and alerts increase your efficiency 

New stock has been delivered. Back orders need processing. Stock levels are low. These types of notifications and alerts can improve your efficiency and promote growth all at the same time.

If a manager is aware that new stock is arriving he can ensure that his customer service team are notified immediately. Back orders can be processed and customers receive an alert saying that their goods are shipped. Keeping customer service teams in the loop, and customers informed, improves performance and is proven to enhance customer satisfaction. 

Automated reports lead to more informed decisions

An informed decision tends to go farther than a gut feeling. Automated reportssuch as sales and monthly financial forecasts, give greater visibility to management so they can capitalize when business is at its best. 

For example, receiving automated debtors reports gives clear insight into remittances that are due. This knowledge helps manage cash flow. Add in automated emails being sent out to remind customers of payments that need to be made, and managing receivables becomes virtually seamless. Your accounting team aren't chasing their tail with repetitive reminders, instead, they are able to ensure that available cash is controlled. 

Data integration improves efficiency

When internal systems are working in silos, completing a process is time-consuming, tedious and prone to error. Data integration and process automation is the answer to drive growth and efficiency.

By integrating your ERP & Ecommerce, you can easily manage inventory and customer orders without having to re-key data between two systems. When orders are placed on line, checking them manually is inefficient and stock can run out before you are aware! Integration can automatically track what orders have been placed and can ensure that if inventory levels are getting low, that a purchase order is raised.

How workflow drives expansion

Workflows allow you to employ your current best practices and set a sequence of events to occur. If you use HubSpot and it is integrated with your CRM, you decide at what stage of a buyers journey a lead becomes sales qualified. Once the lead is designated as sales qualified, the integration process uploads the contact automatically to the CRM.

Utilizing workflow capabilities once these new contacts are uploaded, an associated opportunity can be automatically created. A manager can be notified of all new sales qualified contacts, and they are able to assign them to any member of the sales team.

Managing sales leads and getting them in the hands of the right sales representative, can be make or break for a company. Leveraging automated workflow ensures that hot sales opportunities don't fall through the cracks. More sales equals more revenue, and increased revenue enables a business to grow. A win win for any business!    

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