Logistics / Fulfillment integration solutions reducing data entry and costs

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Are you looking for market-proven logistics / fulfillment integration solutions to reduce processing costs when placing consignments with your preferred courier service? Or do you need to improve the management of orders and update delivery tracking into your ERP system with a mobile-ready application?

Our logistics / fulfillment integration and order management applications help improve order fulfillment processes by automatically synchronizing customer and order information between your business systems and logistics / fulfillment systems, eliminating repetitive employee administration and significantly reduce order to dispatch times.

Logistics / Fulfillment integration and automation solutions we help businesses solve:
  • Courier service integration with 3PLs & WMS systems, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, DHL and more
  • eCommerce integration with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay and more
  • Mobile-ready Order Management application including parcel weights, dimensions, costs and totals
  • Automatic placement of sales orders with the most economical or suitable courier service provider based on business rules you define
  • Automatic printing of consignment labels
  • Automatic identification of orders that need fulfillment
  • Automatic publication of tracking numbers to customer portals and eCommerce solutions
  • Automatic delivery and tracking number notifications sent to customers via SMS or email
  • Automatic proof of delivery into business software
  • Automatic creation and distribution of reports
  • Automatic sharing of intelligence data (shipping trends, faults or delivery failures)

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