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HubSpot + CRM Integration

190x190.gif Sales + Marketing = SMARKETING

Salespeople and marketers don’t always make things easy on each other, in part because of the disparate systems they rely on. But sales has data marketers want and marketers produce information that can help boost sales. Integrating your CRM and HubSpot makes information-sharing possible and simple!

Segment marketing messages with ease

Equipped with more information from your CRM, you’re able to tailor your marketing messages to your audience with greater accuracy. Segment automated emails, create SMART lists from CRM and create email workflows with bi-directional data from the now-integrated systems.

190x190.gif No more re-keying data

Humans make mistakes, and mistakes cost money. Integrating your CRM and HubSpot removes the need for you to re-key data manually, which in turn removes the risk that you’re updating both systems with inaccurate information.

Visibility between systems

With 2 different systems creating and storing data, there may be information that HubSpot has that your CRM doesn’t have, and vice versa. An integration removes the need for your team to look in both systems for the data they need.





We Integrate HubSpot with CRMs Such as:

  • Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix)
  • Sage CRM
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • Sugar CRM
Configured to fit Your Business

Integrations shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Different organizations have different needs, rules, and requirements on the data they want to share between HubSpot and their CRM. 

The software is designed with drag and drop functionality, making it simple to not only fit into how you run your business, but to start improving it, too. 



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