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HubSpot and CRM Integration

Humans make mistakes, and mistakes cost money. Integrating your CRM and HubSpot removes the need for you to rekey data manually, breaking the barriers between marketing and sales and reducing the risk of inaccurate information.

BPA Platform’s low-code, drag and drop solutions can automatically monitor and update customer information in real-time and make sure that data is shared between HubSpot all relevant systems and applications. With the data readily available, it is possible to automate a wide-range of marketing activities through multiple marketing channels, enabling businesses to improve operational efficiency and generate revenue quickly and easily.

As a trusted HubSpot Solutions Partner, HubSpot CRM Integration scenarios we have automated for organizations include:
  • Synchronize customer contact data between HubSpot and your CRM application
  • Synchronize prospect contact data between HubSpot and your CRM application
  • Gather content from other blogging platforms and publish to your HubSpot blog
  • Transfer click through email campaign statistics from HubSpot to your CRM application
  • Synchronize HubSpot email unsubscribes with your CRM
  • Improvement in data accuracy and employee productivity
  • Removal of repetitive data entry
  • Eradication of the risk of sending inappropriate communications to customers or prospect because contact status have not been updated in all your business applications
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