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Business process Automation Platform (BPA)

Improve Productivity, Increase Profits, and Drive Efficiency While Reducing Costs & Risk

Our extensive experience enables us to leverage best practices on utilizing and implementing BPA Platform (formerly known as TaskCentre). We know how to tailor process automation so that the solution fits your business and works according to your rules.

Notifications & Alerts

BPA Platform notifications and alerts are designed to be used by any size business. Management, employees, customers and suppliers, receive automatically via email or SMS messages notifications or alerts. Combining drag and drop technology and a rich graphical user interface, alerts and notifications are created without the need for custom code.

Screenshot of notifications & alerts on the Codeless Platforms Business Process Automation platform
Screenshot of reporting automation with the Business Process Automation platform from Codeless Platforms Reporting automation

Reporting can be very time consuming. BPA Platform enables you to easily automate the creation and distribution of practically any report. It does not matter if they are external or internal reports or documents. Simple to create, automation saves time and can be delivered quickly within budget.

Data integration & synchronization

Business software applications cannot work effectively when there are silos. Data Integration and Synchronization is designed for businesses to integrate any application, like ERP or CRM systems, with applications, systems or web services. By integrating and synchronizing these applications business gain visibility, efficiency and enhanced internal business process.

Screenshot of the data integration & synchronization achieved with BPA from Codeless Platforms
Screenshot of a single system workflow created with Codeless Platforms' Business Process Automation platform Workflows

Create multi-level, fully responsive workflow authorization processes—all without custom code. BPA Platforms enables you to create simple, single-level, to multistage, complex workflow process, you can start small and if needed scale up quickly. Rapid to deploy and compatible with any device, BPA Platform is an affordable workflow solution.


Codeless Platform FAQ

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