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APplications Platform

Build, Manage & Deploy Custom Web Applications Quickly—All Without Code

Applications platform is a PAAS (Platform as a Service) fully hosted solution. Application Platform offers easy to build ground-up application development, application extensions, web portals and a library of applications all accessible from one easy-to-use platform.

Ground Up Applications

All your custom business applications can be built on Applications Platform cloud environment. The results are that development time is reduced, less resources are needed, deployment is simplified and the applications can quickly be brought to the market.

Screenshot of the Applications platform dashboard
Screenshot of the Applications for Outlook extension from Codeless Platforms Application Extensions

Seamlessly build upon existing business systems through Application Extensions. Instead of replacing apps, avoid unnecessary costs by enriching existing ones. A cloud based application that can extend your existing system and can be fully integrated with BPA Platform

Web Portals

Create secure web portals for your customers and vendors with an intuitive technology that is easy to change and straightforward to deploy. Sharing information in a secure and controlled environment, facilitates customer, employees and vendors interactions with your company.

Graphic representation of Applications platform web portal from Codeless Platforms
Screenshot of the 'Quick Create Application' feature of the Codeless Platforms Applications platform Library Applications

The Library Applications are designed to give users a starting point to develop their own custom application. Reduce the time it takes to build an application. You can change, reconfigure, and customize the solution so that the Application works for your business needs.


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