Reduce errors and improve productivity

BPA Workflow & Human InteractionBPA Platform’s Workflow & Human Interaction capability equips you with an affordable workflow system that is rapid to deploy and compatible with any device. Whether your workflow process involves a simple authorization form or a multistage workflow process, BPA Platform enables you to start small but scale quickly.
  Common workflows created using our platform include:  
  • Purchase order authorizations
  • Supplementary data request
  • Credit limit reviews
  • Commission sign off
  • Price change authorizations
  • Holiday approvals
  • Discount authorizations
  • Review processes
  • Expenses approvals
  • Credit note authorizations
  • Account reallocation approvals
  • Service quote approvals
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5 easy steps to building Workflow & Human Interaction processes

1. Specify event to start process

2. Select data to for approval

3. Define landing page

4. Map data or trigger next step

5. Test and go live

data Integration step 1 data Integration step 2 Workflow step 3 Workflow step 4 data Integration step 5


Build Workflow & Human Interaction graphically

Whether your workflow process involves a single level or a multistage workflow authorization process, BPA Platform enables you to start small but scale quickly.

No coding required
Fully responsive
Multi-level workflow authorizations
Simple drag and drop, point and click workflow editor. No coding required.   Workflows that automatically comply with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.   Pre-configured groups of approvers that can be modified by end users.


Making light work of even the most complex workflow processes

  Notifications and alerts
Intuitive notification capability, informing workflow recipients that a workflow action is required.
  Multiple-level approvals
Pre-configured groups of approvers for specific types of object records which can be modified by end-users when an approval process is initiated.
  Approval processes
Supports both sequential and parallel approval processes.
  Flexible support
Support for both internal and external recipient contributions.