Make applications work together

BPA Data Integration & SynchronizationNo integration project is ever the same. BPA Platform enables organizations to integrate applications, systems and web services through simple drag and drop tools.
  Common types of applications, systems or web services our customers have integrated with include:  
  • ERP systems
  • CRM solutions
  • eCommerce applications
  • Content management systems
  • Email marketing tools
  • WMS applications
  • Accounting software
  • Customer Service solutions
  • Courier services
  • Inventory management tools
  • HR applications
  • Credit referencing services
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5 easy steps to building Data Integration & Synchronization processes

1. Specify event to start process

2. Select data to target system

3. Transform data (if required)

4. Map objects and fields

5. Test and go live

data Integration step 1 data Integration step 2 data Integration step 3 data Integration step 4 data Integration step 5


Build Data Integration & Synchronization graphically

Integrate applications, systems and web services via easy-to-use, graphical tools.

Drag and drop experience
Transformation functions
Hundreds of connectors
A full drag and drop user experience where integration steps are visually represented within a wider automated process.   A set of transform functions that can be dragged onto the mapping area to change the data between input and output.   Access hundreds of data connectors via one easy-to-use platform.


Making the most of web technologies and product APIs

Support for both SOAP and RESTful web services (hosted at a local, remote, public or private cloud).
Product APIs can be leveraged through a point and click drag and drop interface.
Full support for WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) files.
  Global configuration
Services that are to be called can be described within the Platforms global configuration.