No Two Integration are the Same - Part 3: Specialist Integrations [Infographic]

  In part 1 and part 2 of this blog series, we discussed the process of executing an integration project between an ERP and an eCommerce store and how it differentiated from a ...
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3 Issues That Automation Solves

Businesses typically follow procedures to manage and respond to certain activities. These procedures are often fulfilled by the combination of manual processes and management ...
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Join Fisher Technology at the First Ever Cloud 2016 Event!

Cloud technology has become an essential tool for successful businesses to boost functionality and increase productivity. That is why I-Business Network is hosting its first ...
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4 Benefits of Using Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing is not an obsolete tactic that businesses use to pester consumers. In fact, it is an important component that enables companies to be highly personable and have ...
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How to Explain Automating Business Process

It is always challenging to find a good elevator pitch to describe the benefits of automating business process. Eyes glaze over unless you find the key trigger that is a pain ...
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