Living the exclamat!on #SLX2013CON


We just spent 8 days in Scottsdale attending the Saleslogix partner conference - and for anyone who has visited Scottsdale, they can confirm that the place is incredible. The blue of the sky, the mountain peaks in the distance, the green trees, and the red ground all make it a very special place.

But this week we were "living in Orange." The first Saleslogix partner conference since it became part of the Swiftpage Nation was incredible. Some people referred to it as a high school reunion. The energy was infectious, the story was compelling, and the people were amazing.

Going to a conference can be fun - but it's also hard work. Your days start early with a quick breakfast, then comes a wave of nonstop events from keynote speeches and breakout sessions to networking, meeting with customers, and talking with people that you want to partner with. Then if you're lucky, you get an opportunity to relax around the fire pit and reflect on the day.

This Saleslogix Conference Was Different - And Better

But right away I noticed that this conference was different because at the first keynote, there was a gift on every seat. A gorgeous black bag containing a bottle of beer, a cosy for it, a pen, a can opener, and a message.

And what was the message? #friday3pm

Why? Because the "Swifties culture" at the Saleslogix corporate office is that at 3pm on Friday they go to a breakout room, crack open some beer, play foosball, socialize, and wind down from the week. So in that spirit, they sent all conference attendees home with a little piece of their culture and asked you to do the same at #Friday3pm and share/tweet the photos. And for those lucky people that were still in Scottsdale on Friday afternoon at 3 PM, we were invited to the office to enjoy the experience live! 

Selfie SLX2013CON resized 600


Key Takeaway

Another key message was mobile and marketing and on day three at every seat there was a packet of M & M's, a great a visual reminder, but not so great for the waistline!

More importantly for the the Partners and ISV's who attended the conference was that the aim is for real partnership, growth and an exciting future. 

My takeaway was living the exclamat!on means being part of a team who want to succeed. I did not attend the technical track but the commercial sessions were informative, driven and strategic.

And although our attendance as a third party developer and Saleslogix integration partner is different from most of the attendees, our participation was perceived as adding value - something that we highlighted in a learning session that we had the honor of participating and presenting in called The Value of More.

It's NOT Business as Usual

There is a plan. Swiftpage is in it for the long haul. Partnership is the goal. Even in the cloud offerings that change the game, they offer options, growth, and opportunity.

The energy is real and I, for one, am looking forward to riding the orange exclamat!on and being part of the Swiftpage Nation community, enhancing good friendships, and making them great.

Can't wait for the next event!