Getting Value from the ASUG Business One Summit


This is a guest blog by Gary Feldman, President, I-Business Network


ASUG Business One Summit


The America’s SAP Users Group (ASUG) is holding its third annual SAP Business One Summit at the Plano Center outside Dallas Texas November 14-16.  This event is gaining tremendous momentum in its third year with more training and learning activities than ever!

Spearheaded by ASUG Business One Special Interest Group this  conference is different than many as it is not sponsored by SAP or an individual SAP Partner organization, but by the ASUG and sponsored by the entire SAP Business One community.

SAP provides:

Members of the leadership team for keynote sessions

Technical experts for hands on training sessions

Development managers for sessions on what is new and what is coming in future releases.

Users contribute:

Real world experience sessions on how they implemented and use SAP Business One.

Solution Partners provide:

Hands on training sessions for their generic and industry specific enhancements

Sessions on industry and technology trends such as cloud computing

Sponsorship for area culture and sporting outings as well as through the solution provider fair.

For example, this year I-Business Network is sponsoring a session on Efficient Use of the Cloud where we will provide tips and techniques for deriving more than just IT Outsourcing from cloud computing.  Together with Fisher Technology, I-BN will demonstrate real life examples of extending SAP Business One to customers, vendors and employees through the cloud with Task Centre as a Service.

If you are a current or prospective SAP Business One customer, we encourage you to attend this FREE event!  For more information contact your SAP Business One partner and/or view the links below:

2012 ASUG SAP Business One Summit AGENDA (draft)